Thursday, December 4, 2014

To Love a Cyborg

Genetics, Corruption, Romance, and passion.

It is 2065. No-one knows the true identity of Detective Chief Superintendent Ben Tobin or where he came from.  His world turns into a nightmare with a spate of shocking homicides and abductions. Never encountering such evil before, Ben suspects they are ritual killings carried out by more than one killer.  Determined to solve the sinister notes left with the bodies, he turns to American psychologist Lucy Roberts.  She informs him genetic research could be involved. Working together they begin a passionate affair that turns into a nightmare. Can Lucy resolve her fears?   Can she accept Ben?
The clock is ticking, as the crimes take them across the world, and out to the Asteroid Belt. As Ben races to save the victims, Lucy disappears.

Author: Katy Walters
This book has a fascinating premise and has well-imagined characters. It is fast paced and the mystery aspects of it are well described and detailed. It's not a standard "whodunnit," but there is still a degree of guesswork and suspense. The setting is a little hard to wrap one's head around, as the reader is dropped into a futuristic world with absolutely no preamble or descriptive build up. Once you get past the setting, it is a quick read and has some interesting plot twists. I am a little at a loss as to how to discuss this book without posting spoilers; suffice it to say that this book should come with a trigger warning.

 Spoilers: There is a lot of implied rape in this book. Most of the scenes involve adults, but there is a scene where the detective saves children from a pedophile ring before they can be abused. While very little is described other than sounds that are overheard, there is no doubt of what is happening in these scenes. There are also many scenes with snakes, so if you are an ophidiophobe, you might want to give this one a pass.

 I received a download of this book for my honest opinion.