Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whiskey Witches

WW-S1 6

Detective Paige Whiskey comes from a long line of witches. They may not all be the most powerful, but they are outspoken and supportive of their community. She alone has no gifts. She can’t summon fire, can’t read minds. She knows the arcane. She’s studied it. That, along with her connection to the Whiskey Witches, lands her some pretty strange cases.

Like the sacrificial murders of St. Francisville, Louisiana. There’s a killer on the loose, choosing people in a vain attempt to raise a demon. Not just any demon, though. A man born long ago, made a demon in order to protect the Gate to Hell.

Together with demon hunter, Dexx Colt, her kitchen-witch grandmother, and her paranormal investigator brother-in-law, they unravel a conspiracy far bigger than a few simple murders, and re-discover Paige’s gift.

She’s a demon summoner and she’s key to the killer’s plan.

Author: SM Blooding
This was a well-written book that kept my attention from the first couple pages onward.  The plot and premise are fascinating and present a new take on the whole concept of angels and demons.  Paige Whiskey is a realistic character who, despite her powers still has good days and bad days, comes up with brilliant plans yet still makes bad decisions, and is wholly, entirely human.  The cast of supporting characters is equally well-imagined and described and they breathe extra life into the story.  I highly recommend this series.

If you are offended by a presentation of Christianity that is at all different than what is taught in most churches, this book is probably not for you since this story blurs the line between guardian angels and predatory demons so that it is hard to tell who is who.  Profanity abounds in this book, but it is not used for the sake of being "edgy" or "hip," the words are sincerely meant in context.  There is talk of sex, but no intimate sexual content or descriptions.  This story does not end with the book, and I am intrigued to see what the sequel will bring.  It's definitely on my "to buy" list! 

 I received a download of this book for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Date To Die For (Series)

A Date To Die For
When dating ends in deaths and threats, Molly might be better off staying single. During one of Molly’s weekly meet-ups with her girls at their regular bar, Molly succumbs to the duress of her two best friends and begins the aggressive dating they sign her up for online where the pairings are questionable… and dangerous. They’ve entered her in an evening of speed dating. But at the end of the evening she finds an item from her past that raises questions, grief… and danger.
When the number of deaths surpass Molly’s goodnight kisses, her past pushes into the present and Molly loses much more than she gains. A stalker has focused on Molly and refuses to let anyone else date her. But she refuses to be single for the rest of her life.
Is Molly doomed to a life of singledom wrapped in fear – or will the stalker turn on her?

By Bonnie R. Paulson
If you enjoy daytime television and fast-paced, snarky writing, this is the one for you!  Molly and her friends are funny, devoted to one another, and just that perfect little bit catty.  The action takes place over the course of seven very short novellas and can be read one at a time or devoured in one sitting - just like your favorite TV show.   I have to admit, when I first read the tag line for this book, I was not terribly excited.  It looked like all those shows on TV that are more about shoes and clothes and women re-enacting their mean girl days from high school than anything else.  But there is more to this story than a desperate woman trying to get married before she reaches the unthinkable age of twenty six.  There are elements right out of classic film noir, traditional whodunnits, and those wonderfully mushy romances (you know the ones), as Molly tries to solve the mystery that surrounds the death of her sister.

Not a lot to say here.  There is sex, murder, stalking, and open dialogue about various shades of kink.  Definitely for mature readers.