Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Moorigad Dragon & Reap Not the Dragon

Saving a life shouldn't come with so many complications.   --    Saving Marcus’s life should have qualified as a good deed. Except, that’s not why Kyra saves him. She’s pulled to the deed by something supernatural. But then Marcus sees Kyra’s hybrid dragon and she finds herself bound to protect him. A bond already causing tension between Kyra and her best friend, Sebastian. Only, Kyra will find it is not easy defying Death. Yet, she is determined―even at the cost of her own life.

Bad things happen in the blink of an eye.  --  Sebastian has built his life around his tarot cards, more so since taking refuge at Mystic’s Magical Carnival. Trying to include Kyra in that part of his life goes all wrong. Now Kyra’s interest in Marcus stands between Sebastian and Kyra, and places Kyra in emanate danger. Sebastian needs to make her see, needs to steer her away from Marcus, needs to save her from the consequences of her decisions before it’s too late. If he needs to, Sebastian will bare his most guarded secrets to protect her...

Author: Debra Kristi
This was my first journey to the Dark Carnival and I was pleasantly surprised.  The setting is gorgeously detailed yet leaves enough to the imagination that you can make it your own.  The characters of Sebastian and Marcus come off the page and leave vibrant, strong impressions.  Kyra is an interesting contradiction - a powerful dragon shapechanger, but completely compelled by a mysterious and supernatural force.  An interesting read with a well-defined background and cast of characters, and the action never stops!  A quick read and worth the time. 

It's hard to talk about the second book without giving mega-spoilers, but it's worth reading.  It may be even better than the first!

Kyra is less detailed in the first book and the supernatural compulsion essentially brainwashes her. This causes her to acts in ways she might not if she had her free will, and that was uncomfortable for me in some scenes.  There are (of course) elements of the supernatural and some mild horror elements, but nothing particularly gory or nightmarish.

I received a download of this book for my honest opinion.

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