Sunday, September 9, 2012

Amazing art for an amazing story!

The Phoenix Requiem: Volume One
The Phoenix Requiem

When children find a wounded man in the snow during a festival, the village nurse, Anya, must fill in for the absent doctor. Once healed, the man presents a fascinating enigma: he is both courteous and gentlemanly, but also makes casual references to his own madness and time spent in an asylum. Anya finds herself drawn in to solving the mystery of her patient, and how he is connected to a strange rotting plague that is spreading quickly from town to town.

Author: Sarah Ellerton
Once again, Sarah Ellerton's artwork and story-crafting skills truly shine. After following this webcomic since its first pages, it is a delight to have my own hardcopy. The interactions among the characters, and the complexity of the world make for a fascinating read, while the illustrations bring everything to life.

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