Monday, September 10, 2012

Still Life With Murder

                                                                                Still Life With Murder

When governess Nell Sweeney is charged by her employer to solve a gruesome murder, she must confront her own past to find the answers.
Author: P.B. Ryan
While the character of Nell is a little anachronistic in her knowledge of medical and police procedures, she is a likeable and believable heroine. This story is well written and features good characters with depth and complexity. There is excellent use of language and the writing is well edited. Best of all, I didn't know whodunnit until the end - even my suspects were wrong! Book one of a series, but it stands alone and has a satisfactory conclusion. FREE ON KINDLE at the moment. Absolutely worth getting.

Caution (and mini-spoilers) - This book is not for the timid.  It describes American Civil-War era prisoner of war camps, details of drug use, bloody murder, marital infidelity, and prostitution.  If any of this offends you or makes you shy away, you may want to pass on this one.

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